Is this the year the Philadelphia 76ers win the Championship? (2018 edition)

(I’m gonna make this my annual ASG break post. Yup, it’s time to start thinking about that thing yall.)

Simple question:

Will the Sixers win the championship this season?

With the addition of NBA superstar Marco Belinelli, the Sixers have firmly planted their flag on the rugged NBA landscape and yelled out to the world: “THIS YEAR…MIGHT BE THE YEAR!”

The Sixers exit the ASG break with a record of 30-25, placing them 7th in the East.

But no worries, after a rough start (one of the toughest schedules to begin the season) and a stretch of games ruined by unfortunate injuries, the Sixers have finally begun to mesh together and string together some impressive wins; including wins against the Raptors, Celtics, Bucks, and Heat. Most importantly, the rest of the season is easier, providing us a launching pad to catapult us into our first playoff series in over 5 years.

Joel Embiid is playing great. He’s averaging more than 30+ minutes a game, playing back to backs, scoring at will all over the court, and he started his first All-Star game this weekend. Dario Saric has improved vastly. When I thought he’d regress this season due to fatigue from excessive ballin (he hasn’t stopped playing basketball in about 2 years? I think?), he got BETTER as the season went on. He’s shooting better from three, hell, he’s shooting better everywhere and firmly stamped his starting spot position after starting from the bench to begin the year. Ben Simmons is continuing to not look like a rookie, and as I said from my big ass essay I posted in January, he’s learning to be more aggressive. TJ McConnell got a triple double off the bench.

So do I think we will win the Championship this season?


Yes, for the first time, thoughts of Joel Embiid lifting up the Larry O’Brien trophy have entered my head.

If I had to give you a percentage/chances of the Sixers winning it all this season, I’d say:


Making the playoffs? – 98%

Advancing past the first round? – 70%

Advancing to the ECF? – 35%

Advancing to Finals? – 20%

Yes, the team that once had 0% chance at even sniffing the playoffs, now has a chance…but I’m a bit spoiled so…

…Why won’t the Sixers win the championship this year?

Rob Carr/Getty Images North America

Easy answer: the Warriors.

The Warriors are still the four-headed monster in the NBA. They still have Kevin Durant friggin complementing Curry, Dray, and Klay. And when KD was gone, Curry played like MVP Curry; so if you’re wishing for an injury to dismantle the Warriors’ hopes this season, there’s no point. Both Curry and KD gotta be out to even consider beating this team. It’s on them.


But furthermore: are the Sixers ready for the finals??

No. Baby Ben Simmons still needs to unlock that beast mode within him. No, it’s not his jumpshot, Ben Simmons does not need a jumpshot. What we need is something that Ben has shown already in his rookie year: the aggressiveness. The “attack the basket and score” Ben. The “I’m 6’10 and faster than you so I’m going to the hoop” Ben. We saw that a few times this year but he tends to take a step back to fulfill his PG duties. Nothin wrong with that. He’s gonna get better as he grows, but right now it’s not all there.

Baby Joel Embiid has made tremendous progress this season, but his post game is still being mastered. He’s shown his dominance in the paint from getting rebounds to blocking shots. He’s shown his shooting range. The 3 is still there. His mid-range right now is his deadliest weapon. He’ll face up any big, and he’ll beat them on a jumpshot every time. Give him space, he’s shooting. Too close, he’ll swipe for a foul or drive inside. The post game is the final piece for Jojo. I’ve seen some moves this season. I’ve seen some shimmys, I’ve seen a skyhook (holy baby jeez it was beautiful):

…but he still needs to work on his handle inside. He can be as smooth as Jahlil Okafor, footwork and size is not a problem for Jojo. Once he unlocks that inside game, we got the best offensive player in the NBA.

Oh yeah, and we really really need Markelle Fultz, who I still believe is the best player in the draft and will recover 100%.


But can the Sixers f around and end up winning it all anyway?

I’m talking Robert Covington, Dario Saric, Marco Belinelli, and JJ Redick catching absolute fire from April to July. TJ McConnell triple doubling off the bench every game. Joel Embiid taking the next step now. Can we do it? …MAYBE. There’s a chance.

I still predict us advancing past the first round. You saw that I put 70% and you’re wondering why not 100%? It’s because the East is a bit tougher this season. First of all, I think we can reach the fifth seed, only because the Wiz are getting John Wall back. If not, we can maybe grab fourth, but I’ll leave it at 5. Being fifth means we will be fighting up.

The one top team I think we really can’t beat is the Cavs, but only because LeBron always beats the living hell out of us. The other top teams, I think we can at least challenge them. The Celtics, as great as their coach is and as great as Kyrie Irving is, they can’t guard Joel Embiid. The Raptors, we’ll need to be elite on backcourt defense to stop Kyle Lowry and Demar Derozan, and I think we can do that. Everybody else, I believe we can beat in 7 games. We’ve already beat them, give us 7 and we’re taking all the Philly games and taking one away, do the math.

So geez man…what the hell…we got three #1 picks, 3 pt shooters, and defenders…

What more do the Sixers need to win it all?

Really quick answer: LeBron.

…but that’s another post, I got a lot to say about that and yeah…LeBron James is coming to Philly next season.

But let’s say he doesn’t. What do the Sixers need?

Markelle Fultz. He’s everything we need. Somebody who can break the defense and lessen the load on Embiid, Simmons, everybody. Somebody that can end our ridiculous scoring droughts we have every game. Somebody other than Embiid that can get us to the line and put the other team in foul trouble, remember that Fultz had no issues driving inside when he did play this season.

Markelle Fultz has been the answer to everything Sixers related. Why did we lose? No Markelle. Why can’t we score? No Markelle. The final piece of the puzzle has been wearing suits with sneakers on the sidelines and occasionally giving us weird post-game interview moments.

Getty Images North America

We also need more people that can run around screens, catch the ball, and drain off balance 3-pt shots like JJ Redick and Marco Belinelli. It’s already such a headache for other teams to defend Simmons and Embiid, then having to keep an eye on Redick running around screens ready to sling a 3? There’s also floor spacing and stuff like that.

Lastly, experience and team chemistry. We will see what happens later, but if the Raptors actually make noise in the playoffs this year, it’s all due to experience and team chemistry. They could’ve blew the team up, but Kyle Lowry stayed, Dwane Casey didn’t get fired, and now they’re on top of the East while playing great basketball. Despite losing in the previous years, the Raptors were growing and getting better. That says a lot, especially with a bunch of people calling for Brett Brown‘s firing earlier this season. We gotta remember to be patient and trust the process with our squad. There’s a lot of growth that needs to be done. Chemistry? The team has shown a lot of progress and you can tell by the decrease in turnovers lately, which was rampant in the beginning of the season. Off the court chemistry? I think these guys got it.

And don’t forget the biggest evidence of experience and team chemistry: the Warriors. That’s why I think the Warriors will win it all this year, their chemistry is superb. The Cavs got a new, better squad, but will they mesh together before LeBron leaves for Philly?? Or before they meet Philly???



From Worst to First [2017-2018 Rams Season Recap]

In one season, the Los Angeles Rams went from one of the worst teams in the NFL to one of the best.

The offense, which once mimicked a junior varsity high school squad whose coach knew his QB couldn’t throw further than 7 yards, was replaced by a high-powered offense that actually moved the ball past the first down marker! 3rd downs suddenly became less scary (there were no more 3 and outs!). Our quarterback threw the ball far and there was another player, wearing the same uniform and helmet, that caught the ball with his hands! It was unbelievable. Then we moved the ball into that “endzone” and got 6 points! I think they call them, touchdowns?? We did that a lot this season. We were scoring 30 pts a game.

Steve Dykes/Getty Images North America

The Rams, who were once seen as a laughingstock, were now seen as one of the NFL’s brightest young teams. The guy who was once labeled a bust, turned into one of the best QB’s in the NFL. The guy that ruined your fantasy team last year, gave us 2000 total yards from scrimmage and a handful of TD’s on his way to Offensive Player of the Year.

The Rams finished the regular season at 11-5. And for the first time in over a damn decade, the Rams made the playoffs. Yeah, we were one and done, but we weren’t even supposed to be there! Remember? You said it yourself…”the Rams aren’t making the playoffs!”

Steve Dykes/Getty Images North America

Sooooo what the hell happened? How could a team go from worst to first?

To answer, we gotta go back to the beginning. A lot of things had to happen for us to achieve our first winning season in over a decade. Let’s start with the biggest move.

Adam Glanzman/Getty Images North America

No, not the Rams switching to white horns and white facemask (ugliest uniform combos ever).

It was Jeff Fisher’s firing.

This started everything.

But before we proceed to the good stuff, we need to revisit the Jeff Fisher era one last time (it’s kinda important).

Let’s ask the simple question: Why exactly was Jeff Fisher fired?

Before a horrendous 2017 season, Fisher brought the Rams hope. Once a losing team under Spagnuolo, Fisher gave the team its best stretch of seasons yet. However, there was one problem: No playoffs. After several chances (way more than he should’ve had), Fisher was let go during his fifth season with the team.

Fisher wouldn’t have gotten fired if the team was just outright bad. He was fired because we knew this team was great.

There was always talent on this team. Gurley, Donald, Quinn, Legatron, and Hekker were all there during the Fisher years. But Fisher still couldn’t find ways to win games. Yeah he had to deal with the Sam Bradford fiasco and a changing QB group, but that excuse ran out. Remember, despite the QB, we won some big games here and there. It even became a lil joke. We beat the Seahawks back then when they still had a healthy LOB and the Cardinals when they were playoff contenders. Yet we couldn’t beat other teams that were definitely worse than the Seahawks and Cardinals. It made zero sense. I always put this inconsistency on Fisher.

But was it the talent instead? Was it the players? Was it not Fisher all along?

No… hell no. Lately, we’ve been getting some pretty clear evidence that it was never the players. Let’s talk about:


Isn’t it funny how some players who have left Jeff Fisher are performing really really well??

Danny Amendola

Ronald Martinez/Getty Images North America

Danny was already great and thrived under Fisher, but New England provided him a place where Danny can actually use his intense competitiveness. He would become a 2-time champion with the Patriots and contribute key catches in each run.

Chris Long

Patrick Smith/Getty Images North America

Chris Long didn’t become some super crazy good player after leaving Fisher, but Long’s best asset was always being a great teammate. I guarantee you that Chris’s presence in both New England AND Philly contributed to their championships. I mean, just look at the guy…

Jared Cook

We trashed Cook soooo much in St. Louis. Yet after Fisher, Cook would make some pretty big time plays. Like last season, catching this pass for the Raiders:

Oh and this one:

Yeah, that’s the guy we said couldn’t catch. Did his hands get stickier after he left Fisher?

Still not enough for you??

Case Keenum

Hannah Foslien/Getty Images North America

Good ol’ Murder Was the Case Keenum. He did his best with us, especially last season, but man I trashed him really really hard. But come on guys… he was throwing the games away! Or maybe he was just trying to take chances in a messy offense that wouldn’t go anywhere otherwise. Can’t blame Case for trying.

Case Keenum took over for Minnesota after Sam Bradford (go figure) and Teddy Bridgewater got injured. And he did a marvelous job leading the Vikings all the way up to the NFC Championship. He even defeated us, with his impressive scrambling ability and arm. He looked like Brett Favre and Michael Vick combined…crazy.


…and the greatest example:

Nick Foles

Patrick Smith/Getty Images North America

Super Bowl fucking Champion, SUPER BOWL MVP Nick Foles. Once Wentz went down in the game against us, the big question was could Foles lead the Eagles to the Super Bowl they were originally predicted to go to. He did so and then some, with outstanding performances against the Vikings and Patriots to win it all. Foles was Bradford’s replacement in St. Louis. Again, I called for Foles’ benching. I said he was trash. Was it Nick just being bad? Nope…of course, it’s Jeff Fisher. It’s ALWAYS been Jeff Fisher. We were always right.


The talent was never the issue. It was clearly Fisher. Were we a playoff team this whole time?! Maybe. I mean, we had one of the toughest WR’s. We had a lovable lineman that would bring joy to our locker rooms. We had a clutch TE capable of making unbelievable catches. We had a NFC Championship caliber QB. And we had a fucking Super Bowl MVP

All those years… wasted.

Luckily, we still had some amazing talent remaining from the Fisher era. We just needed a coach. Somebody who can actually use our talent to win games.

Insert 31 year old, ex-boy band member, coach Sean McVay.

Jeff Gross/Getty Images North America

Just from his first interaction with the players, you kinda knew that McVay had something. I’m unable to post the video (titled “McVay Era Begins in Los Angeles”), but I’ll describe the scene. McVay goes in a room and meets Alec Ogletree and Robert Quinn. McVay is clearly smaller than both, but he was somehow able to establish his presence. And he didn’t do it in some macho-man/stomp the floor way, he did it with enthusiasm. You can tell he loves football and it’s contagious. He kinda reminds me of Jon Gruden.

It’s hilarious to remember when people thought McVay wouldn’t be good because he was too young. Well he was 31 years old… but it was like his resume meant nothing. He’s been a football guy since day 1 and his assistant coaching experience was significant. The only thing he didn’t have was actual head coach experience. That was a fair criticism. But as far as football knowledge, that wasn’t the problem with McVay. He was the super nerdy, but outgoing kid coming out of college with a 4.0 and a bunch of outstanding internships trying to land the role of CEO.

It didn’t take too long to learn that McVay already had the head coach thing down:

He immediately established a new culture at training camp that set the tone for the season. He introduced the “We Not Me” slogan at camp. He worked out with the guys at camp (helps being young). They became one. It’s something Fisher didn’t seem to do, unless we were playing Seattle or Arizona.

I mean it all could’ve went south easily. “A young pretty boy football nerd who lost control of an NFL team” could’ve easily happened. But it didn’t. If you asked me how, it was simply McVay’s enthusiasm. He really really loves football and it rubs off on the players.


Sean M. Haffey/Getty Images North America

Even though Fisher left a few core pieces for McVay, the team still needed to make some additions.

Kenny Britt and Brian Quick were gone. Their replacements? First, rookie Cooper Kupp. Then ex-Bills WR and USC alumni Robert Woods. Lastly, a bit bigger of a name: Sammy Watkins. We replaced Britt and Quick with younger WR’s that could catch. Big upgrade here.

The biggest acquisitions came up front with our offensive line, something that’s plagued us for a while. John Sullivan was now under center. Then the big one: Andrew Whitworth. Whitworth was such a big upgrade. I saw Jake Long literally end Sam Bradford‘s career because he couldn’t fucking block:

(and that was the year I predicted Bradford would break out)

Then there was … sigh … Greg Robinson aka “penalty flag galore” aka “we could’ve had Khalil Mack.” We upgraded from Robinson to Whitworth. That’s astronomical.


Ronald Martinez/Getty Images North America

That all happened before the preseason. It would be worthless if nothing actually happened on the field. Thus, the season began with our new coach and new teammates. Will this team finally win now that Fisher was gone??

I was sold during the preseason, check my post I made during that time. I finally saw a competent offense out on the field. The team looked focused and fresh. Was I expecting an 11-5 record? Hell no…but I was at least expecting 7-9 (ironically) with a ton of close losses or maybe an 8-8 for McVay’s first season.

Our season started perfectly. There was no better way to prove this team was different than by dropping 46 points in the first game. It was a direct F you to Jeff Fisher’s garbage season opener last season. You remember? The game where the Niners had more touchdowns than we had third down conversions? How Jeff Fisher didn’t get fired after that game will forever baffle me.

Back to the Colts game, I remember being astonished by Jared Goff‘s TD pass to Cooper Kupp.

(I really suck at embedding streamable videos, so just click the link…sorry)

It’s nothing extraordinary if you’ve watched football over the years. But seeing Goff progress through his reads and throw a perfect strike over the defense to a receiver who can actually catch the ball was mindblowing to me, I never thought I’d see the day. Oh yeah, can’t forget…the offensive line blocked pretty well too. This would become a normal occurrence as the season progressed.

If you asked me the exact time I knew something special was happening in Los Angeles, I’d say it was the Cowboys game. It was a game that could’ve easily gotten out of hand during the Fisher era, but I saw our new team fight back and most importantly, grind. And every part of the team won it: offense, defense, and special teams. This would become known as “the Trifecta.” Seeing Gurley take the lead on the big pass play and then the defense closing it out against Dak and Zeke. That was when I knew this team was for really real.

If you asked me the exact time I knew McVay was really legit…the London game against the Cardinals. One week, new country, different timezone…same results. We mopped the Cardinals. The preparation and execution for that game was superb.

Michael Steele/Getty Images Europe

We went into the bye week at an astonishing 5-2 (some Rams fans would argue we should’ve been 6-1…don’t ask us why, we’d rather not). At this time, some of us were thinking “Playoffs?!” I was still a bit worried we’d find a way to screw it up, but that’s just me being a Rams fan. We’d sprinkle in two more wins before reaching the hard part of our schedule.

I was looking forward to this harder part of the schedule because it was a true test of where we were at. The first game was against Case Keenum in Minnesota. We quickly learned how tough it was to play against a solid team in their stadium. You had to be absolutely perfect. A few mistakes killed us that game. After that, we had the Saints at home (I went to this game) and things went a lot better. Our offense was spectacular and the defense stopped Drew Brees on our way to a victory. Next was the Eagles, where we learned how tough Carson Wentz was. It was a game I was actually proud of, even though we lost. In that game we came back once again (I was sooo proud), but some mistakes late cost us the victory.

The next two games would be the defining moments of McVay’s first season. First, a 42-7 pounding of the Seahawks in Seattle; featuring a big F U TD run by Gurley at the end of the half. We needed this game to increase our chances at the playoffs and our squad nailed it so hard. It really couldn’t have gone any better (I wish we shut them out). Seattle is always a tough stadium to play in, so for our guys to come in there and stomp them out, I’ll never forget it.

Then the official clincher at Tennessee, which saw the team do what they do best: grind. That game had a little more adversity. But in true McVay-era style, the team never gave up and fought til the very end for the win and the NFC West. Beautiful. (There was also another F U TD run by Gurley in that game)

Wesley Hitt/Getty Images North America

Then finally…the playoff game. The first playoff game since 2004. A wild card matchup with the Falcons. It was wonderful. Everything bad that could’ve happened, happened. Wasn’t that amazing?! Our Pro Bowl special teams returner fumbled twice. Our offense went 3 and out on the first drive. Todd Gurley got stuffed whenever he caught a pass. We did everything we needed to lose. But you know what?

I was just proud we got there in the first place my friend

Honestly, we could’ve lost 0-810 and I wouldn’t have been mad. We weren’t even supposed to be in the playoffs in the first place. It was almost like a victory lap.

But yeah, we actually had a chance to win our first playoff game in forever, but we messed up. Kinda the story of the season. Some say it’s our youth, but I say it was just mistakes. Either way, that loss would end our magical season.

To summarize this season:

  • We won as a team. “The Trifecta”
  • We grinded out wins.
  • Our offense was spectacular. All of our acquisitions were superb.
  • McVay prepared the team every week.
  • We need to stop making silly mistakes.
  • Jeff Fisher is not coaching this team anymore.

Harry How/Getty Images North America

What now??

For Rams fans, the days of losing seasons and joyless football after October are finally gone. I think it’s fair to expect us to compete for the playoffs every season, unless something drastic happens to our roster. Coach McVay has shown that he’s a really good coach and it seems people agree with me since he won Coach of the Year.

But how good can we be??? Success is never linear. There are great teams all over the league, but every season it usually boils down to 1-4 teams that have a good chance at winning it all. How far are we from being in that top group?

Not too far…

As it stands today, we still have the top players in the NFL … in their prime. We have the best offensive player in the game: Todd Gurley. We have the best defensive player in the game: Aaron Donald. We have the best kickers in the game: Greg Zuerlein and Johnny Hekker. Our young QB showed that he can win games with his arm. Some teams are lucky to have at least one of these guys, we got a group of them to build around.

We did a decent job building around these guys this season. But as you know, players get hurt and players move to different teams. That’s where our coach comes in. Belichick’s dealt with this year in and year out, but he somehow gets his Patriots to the big game every season. Let’s hope McVay can do the same. Also, how our front office works these next few years is important. We saw the Eagles make move after move to propel them to a championship. It’s our turn now.

Sean M. Haffey/Getty Images North America

Should we pump the brakes?? Are we a little too gassed? Talking about the Super Bowl already??

We finished this season at 11-5, but it’s very fair to say that parts of our season were easy. We faced an Andrew Luck-less Colts and a Deshaun Watson-less Texans. We faced a Giants team that completely blew up in Eli Manning‘s face. We faced a Jimmy G-less 49ers. Don’t forget the Cardinals were dying. Who knows, maybe a tougher schedule might put us down to 9-7 or even the dreaded 7-9.

Our schedule next year isn’t any easier:

The Niners got better and the Cardinals can’t be that bad again. Seahawks might rebound? Then we play the NFC North?? And AFC West??? Then we still have the Eagles and Saints to deal with??? Yikes.

I expect teams to make adjustments to us. We saw the Falcons take away Gurley from the passing game. We saw the Vikings and Eagles (and even the Niners) exploit our secondary, which isn’t the toughest to get by. We saw teams run all over us like the Redskins did to beat us. We’re not the perfect team.

I’m just trying to say that it shouldn’t be surprising if we do take a step back next season, in terms of wins. I do expect our offense to be better, especially if McVay finds out how to get our TE’s more involved and if Goff can find a way to gain chemistry with Sammy Watkins. I really don’t know what to say about next season other than McVay will ensure that this team will try their hardest every week, and that’s enough for me. I’m glad there aren’t many questions about this team heading into the offseason.

I want to thank the Rams again for one of the best seasons I’ve seen since the GSOT days. It’s been a while since I’ve been proud to be a Rams fan.

Go Rams!

Player Notes

Todd Gurley (co-MVP)

This year was critical for Gurley. Think of it like LeBron’s 2nd season in Miami. Bron had choked in two straight playoffs, and was close to losing in Boston for a 3rd straight failure. He wouldn’t have made it out of that. The weight of all the criticism from around the league would tear his mind apart. But LeBron would give us that legendary Game 6 in Boston and won the championship. Nobody would say anything afterwards (they still did actually). I think Gurley gave us that LeBron season this year.

Gurley came off a horrendous season that wasn’t his fault (guess who? Fisher Administration!). But for Gurley it was such a mindfuck for him. In his rookie year, he was used to getting stuffed early, but was known for breaking it out in the end. His 2nd year, he did the same but he wasn’t breaking out big runs in the 2nd half like he used to. Add a shitty year for the Rams in general, and it was an awful 2nd season that had to be rough on Gurley mentally. Lastly, fantasy owners were destroying him on Twitter, along with all the TMZ-esque sports writers looking for a headline.

I think TG3 is somebody who is aware of what others say about him. I wrote that he was aware of fantasy owners last season and it was one of the reasons why he ran horrible last year. This would be kinda confirmed this year as Gurley tweeted out:

(I think all athletes hear what people say about them. Even if they say they don’t. One of my sports theories.)

Every RB is a product of their O-line. There are RB’s that can create when there’s nothing (McCoy, Bell, Peterson, and TG3 too). But at the end of the day, RB’s aren’t going to run far if defenders aren’t being blocked. The three biggest contributors to Gurley’s success this year were: the O-line, McVay/Coaches, Gurley himself.

The offensive line, led by Andrew Whitworth, was such a monumental upgrade from before and they gave Gurley holes to run through. Second, was McVay/coaches. McVay establishing a credible passing game allowed the rush attack to prosper. No more stacking the box when we can finally throw downfield. One of the biggest things I was proud about this season was McVay getting Gurley more involved in the passing game. We knew that Gurley was a great receiver out of the backfield, but you know…Fisher administration. This year we saw Gurley become a true multi-purpose RB, similar to previous greats we had like Steven Jackson and hall of famer Marshall Faulk.

Lastly, Gurley’s success was due to himself. He ran with so much confidence and hunger this year. He was more patient this year too, but when the hole was there, he showed that speed and aggression that he always had since coming into the league. Then when the game was on the line, Gurley ran harder. He made so many big plays late in games.

Gurley would win Offensive Player of the Year. Just another chapter in his career.

Jared Goff

The search is over. Our franchise QB is here.

Sean M. Haffey/Getty Images North America

Goff didn’t show too much his rookie year. Well … he really couldn’t do much in that awful offense (although Kenny Britt somehow got 1000 yards receiving). We did see a few things his rookie season. Goff showed his confidence in the pocket, he showed that he had an arm, and he showed he can take hits. But nothing was enough to say that Goff was the #1 pick.

Then preseason happened and Goff looked spectacular. He was throwing darts all over the field, throwing balls on the run, and orchestrating the offense. It was a complete shift from last season.

Goff did everything he had to do this season, which was to keep the offense moving and not turn the ball over. There weren’t a lot of questionable throws from Goff, nothing too erratic. He made a lot of impressive throws this year, some #1 pick caliber throws. In the Saints game (the one game I went to, where Goff tweeted the fans were the best, I wonder why), Goff looked incredible. I saw deep accurate throws, I saw tight throws, I saw throws to the sidelines where only the WR can get it. For a young QB in his first year under the McVay offense, I say he did really well.

Which means there’s still tons of room for improvement.

There were some accuracy issues that were maybe caused by a lack of chemistry with WRs or Goff being too excited. He’s a little too comfortable in the pocket and is prone to fumbles.

Then there’s Goff in the clutch. He had some chances this season. His first try was against the Redskins, and he threw an INT the first play. It was definitely a young Goff. Then he had another against the Seahawks that was a lot better. It began with an incredible throw through the defense to Higbee, but culminated with a dropped pass to Kupp, which would’ve probably connected if Goff threw less harder. Despite that, I was still proud of what I saw.

He is one of the top young QB’s now, but I cannot put him above Carson Wentz …yet. Seeing Wentz and how great he was this season, I just can’t put Goff at that level just yet. As we saw from Nick Foles, who replaced Wentz, and Case Keenum, it’s always the QB’s comfort in a system and surroundings that will determine how great they will be. I’m confident to say that Goff can reach Wentz’ level, and even surpass him, if he continues to grow with Coach McVay and his young receivers.

But if Goff never surpasses Wentz, we will be fine. I’m still glad we chose Goff at #1 because Goff was the only guy who could survive the Fisher era. He’s the guy that could get knocked down a billion times and come right back up as if nothing ever happened. Let’s hope our QB will be as successful as past Jeff Fisher escapees.

Robert Woods

I didn’t think much of the Woods’ signing at first. I kinda heard of him before, but never really cared. Little did I know that Woods would be our best WR this season. Woods was Goff’s most consistent target and most reliable.

Rams fans were happy that we found a WR that can catch a football. But we got more with Woods. We got a playmaker that can YAC.

And he can make some big catches. I love the WR position and I love WR’s that can catch. That’s kinda why Kenny Britt is one of my favorite Rams players ever. So if Woods can keep this up, he might make that list too.

Offensive Line (MVP)

The offensive line was beyond stellar this season. I think I heard somewhere that this lineup remained the same throughout the entire year. I mean, Rodger Saffold was healthy all year again!

The addition of John Sullivan at center and Andrew Whitworth might’ve saved our season. Along with the stellar play of Jamon Brown and Rob Havenstein, the offensive line was the reason Gurley went off and Goff was able to make passes.

Harry How/Getty Images North America

I’ve said time after time, the offensive line is key to a great offense. As long as we have a great unit protecting and blocking up front, our offense will be deadly.

Cooper Kupp

Our rookie showed a lot of potential this season. Most importantly, he’s another WR that can catch the ball.

However, while Kupp made huge catches here and there, Kupp also made some pretty bad drops. Some were tough, but there were some that should’ve been easy catches. Is it worrisome? Kinda, but I believe it’s easily fixable. It helps that Kupp seems like he has a good head on his shoulders. I remember noticing that he’d make up for a bad play later in the game with a clutch catch. That shows how resilient Kupp is.

It’s just nice to have another young WR for Goff to work with. Can he be Danny Amendola? I hope so.

Aaron Donald

Remember that Aaron Donald missed the entire training camp and had to shake some rust off to begin the season. That didn’t hinder him one bit as he continued to dominate up front all season long on his way to earning Defensive Player of the Year.

What else can I say about AD? He dominates matchups. He dominates double teams. He’s a relentless pass rusher. He’ll munch RB’s up in the backfield. Basically the most dominant defensive player I’ve ever seen. He’s in his prime right now.


Greg Zuerlein (co-MVP)

Harry How/Getty Images North America

We always knew Zuerlein for his Leg. “Greg the Leg” and “Legatron” are his nicknames. But Greg Zuerlein became “Greg the Accuracy” and uhh… “Accuratron.” Basically, he became a sharpshooter. What a year from Zuerlein this season. He didn’t miss anything, except for a long 70 ish yard kick we tried for the hell of it. There were games that Zuerlein won on his own. It was funny watching other kickers this season miss so many easy kicks. We’re blessed to have Greg Zuerlein on this team. He got injured late in the season, which shocked me. I still don’t know how he got injured, but I’m praying Greg the Accuracy will be back 100% next season.

Tavon Austin

Austin lost his duties as a returner, which left me wondering… what is Tavon contributing to this team? He’s near the bottom of our receiving depth chart. All he can do now is be a decoy on fake jet sweeps, which is still really effective and still used in the McVay era, but geez man.

I’ve been a Tavon defender for a while, but this season I have no more excuses. I don’t think Tavon has a role on this team anymore and he might just be a bust. It was depressing seeing Tavon out there with the 2nd unit when we rested our starters for the Niners game. I still remember his breakout game against the Colts…

Pharoh Cooper

Sean M. Haffey/Getty Images North America

But the bright spot…

The guy who took Tavon’s return duties was Pharoh Cooper. Pharoh became a top returner this season, even earning a Pro Bowl spot along the way. He made sooo many big time returns this season to help us win games. Yeah, the playoff game didn’t go so well, but Rams fans know Cooper is wayy better than that, so we knew it was just an unlucky day. I bet Cooper’s gonna make a big time playoff return in the future.

Coach Bones

The only coach brought back from the Fisher era, and you know why. He’s a special teams wizard. His work with Hekker and the coverage team was superb this year. You saw all those punt blocks this season? You saw all the blocking for Cooper this season? Coach John Fassel is a gem for this team and he nailed it this year. What a special teams performance this season.

NBA 2k and Ben Simmons

For the first time since 2009, I picked up the latest version of NBA 2k. Despite my complaints about microtransactions, a stupid neighborhood, and the corniest My Career dialogue; I have been addicted to 2K18 because, at the end of the day, it’s still one hell of a simulator and I’ve learned so much about the game by playing it.

I started the My GM mode, and of course, I naturally picked the Sixers to play with (for MyCareer I picked the Bulls, only because I would never start over Joel Embiid).

The beginning of the season was rough as I tried to figure out how to use our new players, from Amir Johnson, JJ Redick, to Markelle Fultz. The toughest guy I had to figure out was the 6’10 point guard from LSU… Ben Simmons. When the game first came out, Ben Simmons was simply dropped at the SF position with Dario at PF. I believe it had Markelle Fultz starting at PG with Redick at SG, so Robert Covington was on the bench.

That was an issue for me since Ben Simmons wasn’t being used as a PG. He was instead playing off the ball and chillin in the corner 3 spot. Since Ben couldn’t shoot in the game, defenders sagged off of him and crowded the paint instead, making it tough to create offense.

So I put Ben at PG, but that brought more problems. When you roll with Ben, you need shooters to space the floor, otherwise defenders would just crowd the paint. I wanted JJ in there, but what do I do with Markelle? If I shift Ben to PG, then the other players will play the other positions on offense. So if I put JJ at SF, then he’s playing an SF role on offense. I was having trouble shooting the 3 with Dario and Amir, so for a couple games I had RoCo back at the 3 while I put JJ at PF. Of course, that was stupid. JJ would end up getting killed on defense. Eventually I learned Dario and Amir’s jumpshots and put them back at the 4.

Then I made the biggest move, I finally used the Warriors freelance set along with “Space the Floor”, which simply translated to: “EVERYBODY GET OUT OF THE WAY WHILE ME AND JOJO DO PICK AND ROLL.”

This two-man game broke the game. Well, I was playing on All-Star difficulty, but still…I was unguardable with Ben Simmons. It was Bo Jackson in Tecmo Bowl, Michael Vick in Madden 2004.

It was simple too. By putting Dario at PF and Embiid at C, the other team needed two bigs, but putting Ben Simmons at PG created a conundrum. Was the CPU gonna put another big on him? The tallest person you could stick at him would be 6’8 ish. But that didn’t matter, since whoever was guarding Ben would get stuck in a pick with Jojo, which in turn, allowed Ben to get a slower PF/C at the perimeter, where I would just hit the turbo button like Dom Toretto in Fast and Furious, and blow right by and finish with a dunk.

Suddenly, NBA 2k became NBA Jam. I think I averaged about 30 pts a game with Simmons, a majority of those shots being in the paint.

Ben Simmons is also a gamer (like a really good gamer, he’s great at COD) and he plays 2k like me. One very interesting quote from Ben was him saying that playing in the NBA was “like I was playing 2k.”

Douglas Barnes/AP Images for Activision

First of all, what the hell does that mean? What difficulty was he playing in? What lineup did he use? Was RoCo coming off the bench? Does he play MyCareer? Does he also have to jog a mile to his apartment and go into his closet to change clothes?

Did Ben Simmons use the Sixers like me? Did he also run the pick and roll with Embiid and himself? I’m pretty certain he did. There’s no way you use the Sixers in 2k and not bask in that 2-man Embiid/Simmons action.

After about two months into the season, I have to say I agree with Ben Simmons…it’s definitely “like playing 2k.”

Harry How/Getty Images North America


BUT is Ben really dunking it on dudes in the REAL NBA?



Is HE really scoring points in the NBA without a consistent jumpshot???



Is HE REALLY blowing past defenders for easy layups??


WHAT difficulty is this dude playing on??

What difficulty is real life??

The point is that Ben Simmons is making everything look like a videogame, and that’s scary.

For us Sixers fans, once again, we’re watching the beginnings of an NBA legend. So far, Ben Simmons’ rookie year has been unbelievable. I’ve seen some good rookie campaigns (MCW, Nerlens, Jojo, Dario, Okafor) and Simmons’ year is easily the best. He’s putting up numbers that not only exceed rookies, but are on par with current NBA All-Stars and Hall of Famers.

It’s no fluke at all. Almost every single game, Ben Simmons has given us All-Star caliber performances. It makes no sense to me how mature his game is on the court. The game speed has been no problem for him whatsoever. His handle is tight; I rarely see him cough up the ball to a defender or in traffic. His passes are sharp, as expected. You get it all from Ben, from alley-oops at half-court to dishes to the corner.

I was blessed and very lucky to watch Ben Simmons when the squad rolled into Sacramento for their west coast trip.

Watching Ben Simmons is an insane experience. Just hearing the introductions, “A 6’10 POINT GUARD FROM LSU!” made me ecstatic because they’re not lying…he really is a 6’10 point guard.

You’re really seeing a 6’10 big man running the offense and pushing the ball up on fastbreaks.

I wrote about Ben a few times before. I predicted a few things. I had 0 doubts about his rebounds and assists. I mean, Ben is 6’10 so he’ll get rebounds and he’s gonna operate the offense so he’ll get assists. Nothing too crazy…

…BUT there’s two things that I’m shocked about: scoring and defense.

First, the scoring. I didn’t expect much at all, probably around 10 ppg. He might breakout for a 20 pt game here and there, but that would be rare.

One month into this season, Ben Simmons was averaging about 19 ppg.

Let’s revisit this classic video. Here is Ben in college talking about how he’s going to dominate the NBA:

I never thought this strategy would be successful in the NBA with bigger and faster defenders. Yet here is Ben with 19 PPG in his rookie year. He’s getting most of it inside just like he said in the video. He’s quick enough and big enough to get shots over bigs in the NBA. He also has good footwork and has decent touch at the basket, which means easy buckets inside. Also, there’s an occasional jumpshot from free throw range that Ben hits, but it’s very rare.

As of right now, Ben Simmons has a shot that is unguardable. It’s a simple right handed hook shot. He drives inside to his right and releases a high right hook with perfect touch into the basket. Being 6’10 and quick, this is money against all defenders. However, he only finishes with his right, even when going to his left. If Ben can do this with his left, then he’ll be even harder to stop inside the paint. Ben doesn’t really need a jumpshot if he can hit these hook shots with BOTH hands.

Harry How/Getty Images North America

Lastly, I’m impressed with his defense. This has surprised me the most. It’s funny cuz in my Ingram vs. Simmons post, I mentioned how Ingram’s defensive potential was a selling point. So you can guess how pleased I was to see that Ben Simmons has been playing great defense.

It’s a balance of IQ and size that makes him great. He has a great feel for the game and he uses his size to place him in the correct position to contest the shot or steal the ball. Not once have I seen Ben look lost defensively. With his size, he can guard multiple positions. I’ve seen him guard smaller PG’s and bigger forwards and centers inside. He’s not a blocking threat like Embiid, Giannis; but he’s not hurting us on defense and that’s good enough.

Bart Young/NBAE

But like all videogames, there are patches. As the season continued, teams began to notice some big flaws in Simmons’ game and began to make adjustments.

  • Ben Simmons cannot shoot free throws

He’s shooting 54% from the line. We saw Hack-a-Ben for one game, luckily we still won, but Jesus dude… Until this is fixed, teams will consider fouling Ben more, especially when he’s going for easy layups.

  • Ben Simmons does not want to score

We knew about his passiveness, but jeez man. I’ve seen Ben drive into the lane and not even look at the basket.

  • Ben Simmons cannot shoot

Combine this with the previous flaw, defenses are literally sagging off him and not even bothering to contest a shot.

With these flaws, Ben Simmons has become a liability during late game situations. I’ve begun to think that TJ McConnell should be subbed in for Ben during late game situations since TJ provides a jumpshot, free throw shooting, and isn’t scared to score.



BUT, Ben Simmons got his swagger back !

I wrote that last part a few weeks ago. Things have changed.

Did he magically develop a jumpshot overnight? No…but sometime after a losing streak at the end of December, Ben Simmons decided to be more aggressive and look to score more. It was beautiful to see Ben get his groove back because when you watch a passive Ben Simmons, it can get frustrating. You say to yourself, “Ben you’re 6’10! Take em inside!” So to see him realize that he’s 6’10 and start scoring inside, it’s pretty satisfying. Don’t worry about the jumper right now if it’s easy money inside. Remember what you said at LSU .

The best thing about it all was Ben being more aggressive late in the game when things were getting tight. We all remember when he was criticized at LSU for passing the ball late instead of shooting. So you can imagine how delighted I was to see Ben make key buckets late in the game. Passive Ben is definitely a liability, but aggressive Ben Simmons is the superstar that we need late in games.

Oh yeah…

I WENT to Philadelphia a week ago and saw this aggressiveness in person. Yup, after 17 years of rooting for this team, I finally went to Philly. I was so happy to see our team dominate, especially Ben. I love rooting for him and rooting for this team.

I owed you guys a Sixers post so here it finally is. And yeah, I didn’t forget there are other players on the team as well. That post will come later, lot of weird shit this season.


Week 18 / Playoffs / Wild Card: The Atlanta Falcons Aren’t Dumb

Hello from Philadelphia. Can you believe that I couldn’t go to this game because I’m in Philly right now?? Thankfully I was able to watch the Rams first playoff game in forever.

  • This whole year, the Rams have been winning games because they dominated all aspects of the game…I’ve even given it a name: “The Trifecta.”
  • Tonight should be called: “Everything not to do in the playoffs.”
  • Remember the Seahawks game? Not the one where we killed them, but the one we lost?? Yeah we fucked up the same way we did then.
  • Two turnovers by the special teams led to 10 early points for the Falcons…AND most importantly, they gave us 0 time to get the offense up and running. It didn’t help that our offense started with a 3 n out on the opening drive.
  • But again…like all year, the McVay era rams didn’t quit and made a huge push late in the first half. A beautiful drive sparked by Cooper Kupp gave us a TD. Then we had a great 2 minute drive all the way into the redzone (with 1 timeout!) to get 3 pts.
  • The defense was very Mob Squad all night; they kept us in the game n only gave up 13 pts. Special teams, Hekker was incredible giving the Falcons awful field position. Ficken did really well filling in for Zuerlein and made his kicks.
  • At half, the game was still very winnable. It was only 10-13.
  • But the turnovers and the offense’s slow start would kill us. Pharoh Cooper has been insanely amazing this season, but he failed to tell his blockers to move out of the way. As a result, the ball hit Countess’ foot on a fair catch. THEN the next kickoff return, Pharoh had the ball punched out for a fumble.

Harry How/Getty Images North America

  • But it wasn’t just our fault. The Atlanta Falcons are not dumb. I mean cmon they made the Super Bowl last year and should’ve won. Yeah they didnt win the NFC South, but they played in a tough NFC South, and COMBINE that with super bowl experience, the Falcons were going to be a tough team.
  • And again, they arent dumb. They knew our run defense had issues, so they ran it and killed the clock in the 2nd half. They knew we were over aggressive and used fakes and a huge screen late to pretty much kill us.
  • Defensively the Falcons knew they had to stop Gurley, and they kinda did, especially in the passing game where Gurley was amazing this season. The Falcons tackling was SUPERB tonight. Us, well ….missed tackles galore…which we DID have issues with this season.
  • Playoffs smayoffs whatever, didn’t matter. We knew how to win a game and we didn’t execute. It has always been so simple…don’t shoot yourself in the foot. This game was no different than the Seattle game earlier this season.

Harry How/Getty Images North America

  • Player notes…Robert Woods ended the season doin what he’s done all year, being Goff’s most reliable WR. So many great catches tonight when the team needed it.
  • Cooper Kupp dropped a huge one early, but again, he redeemed himself and gave us our first TD.
  • Jared Goff went against a tough Falcons defense with excellent pass rush and secondary, and I’ll say he did pretty well. Some crazy passes tonight under pressure. He really needs a good offseason with Sammy Watkins.
  • Its soo clear that Gurley is our offensive MVP. It wasnt a surprise that every great drive we had included a big Gurley play. He ran well but was STUFFED as a receiver, which was all Atlanta’s fault.
  • Pay Aaron Donald.
  • Losing Michael Brockers hurt us as the Falcons ran it in the 2nd half.
  • A missed Alec Ogletree tackle will haunt us again.

Sean M. Haffey/Getty Images North America

Despite the loss, its still been a magical season for our Rams. I’ve never looked so forward to writing a season recap. I have to properly send off this amazing squad. I hope you enjoyed this season. Although we have McVay, Donald, Gurley, etc; this can easily never happen again.

I had fun. Did you? Go RAMS! WHOSE HOUSE


Week 17: Jared Goff Benched

Another season wasted.

Who knew that Sean McVay, a 31 year old, didn’t know how to lead an NFL team?? Jeff Fisher had better control. They thought McVay was the guy calling the plays in Washington? Oops. McVay’s offense is no better than Schottenheimer. Todd Gurley regressed even further this season. He’s lost all his confidence and patience as he runs into a brick wall every play. Jared Goff has been the bust that everybody predicted. No arm, no vision, no pocket presence. Absolutely awful year for Jared Goff. Earlier this week, Goff was benched for Sean Mannion in the final week of the season. So now, completely eliminated from playoff contention, our Rams faced the up and coming Niners in another meaningless game…




SIKE!!!! jk jk jk

The Rams are incredible and won the NFC West.

Never thought I’d see the day where I’d be happy to see our QB being benched. As we all know, the Rams have clinched a playoff spot and are resting their starters. So as a result we saw our 2nd unit play in our gorgeous throwbacks. I mean look at Sean Mannion!

Kevork Djansezian/Getty Images North America

He didn’t play too well, and you can’t blame him since it was the 2nd unit and against a Niners squad that’s on a roll. Nothing too big happened today besides:

  • A beautiful coffin corner punt by Johnny Hekker.
  • We grabbed two interceptions against that other QB that I don’t know or care about.
  • Tavon Austin did get reps today. Kinda sad, but he looked happy.

It’s official. We will be facing the Falcons next Saturday in LA. I will probably miss this game, as I will be in Philadelphia (go figure). I’ll try and catch the 2nd half somewhere in Philly. But if I don’t, I’m so proud of this team this season, and whatever happens I’ll be happy. Nah, we gotta at least be competitive.

Happy New Year.

Week 16: NFC West Champions

For the first time since 2003, the Rams have won the NFC West.

Rams fans know the history with Tennessee. We beat them in the Super Bowl during the GSOT era. Since then both teams have sucked. We were both coached by the great Jeff Fisher. Then a year and half ago, we traded everything to the Titans for Jared Goff. It was only right to clinch our first playoff berth since 2006 against the good ol Tennessee Titans.

Frederick Breedon/Getty Images North America

  • We did it on the road too! Two straight respectable performances on the road against two “playoff” teams (heh). I love our coach. I can’t imaging the Fisher era Rams competing like this, let alone be in this position.
  • Todd Gurley put up 200 total yards today and went over 2000 yards for the season. Gurley for MVP is becoming more and more clear each week. I say it every week it seems, but I’ll say it again, Gurley has been running so hard his season and been making big plays on his own. Of course, our offensive line has been incredible as well. The screen play that launched Gurley to a 80 yard TD was the perfect representation of this year’s offense.

Wesley Hitt/Getty Images North America

  • Cooper Kupp had another crucial drop today on 3rd down of a tie game, which was worrisome. But Kupp has shown that he is resilient. On the next drive, Kupp forced a long pass interference and finished the drive off with an incredible diving catch at the corner of the endzone for the lead and win. Kupp gotta stop the drops, but I love that he puts it behind him.
  • Jared Goff was dishin as well. A light 4 TD’s today and crucial 3rd down conversions.
  • Mob Squad came thru with the stop at the end for the NFC West.
  • Sadly, we did lose Greg Zuerlein for the season. It’s a crushing loss for us, he’s one of my MVP’s this season. And his impact was felt today, I think our new kicker missed a FG and the Titans kicker missed an easy 45 yarder, ONE that Zuerlein would’ve easily made. Makes you appreciate Legatron.

Wesley Hitt/Getty Images North America

Gotta go, Merry Christmas go Rams!

Week 15: Pharoh Cooper is Elite

Sorry guys, I’ve been really busy recently, for good reasons though. I recently graduated college (unless I really really bombed one of my design finals) and this weekend I’ve just been hanging out with family. It’s been super fun.

My Decembers have always been weird on Sunday’s. From previous years, you can see that I missed games as I was always out with family or on vacation. BUT it didn’t matter then because the Rams were awful.

Now the Rams are awesome.

A win against our NFC West rivals at one of the toughest fields in the NFL would give us a comfortable lead in the NFC West. I didn’t wanna miss this game but I was headed out to Sacramento with family.

Unlike Jalen Ramsey, I do respect the Seahawks. Even if they are injured, they’re still one of the top teams in the NFC and still the head of the NFC West since they beat us earlier this season. I expected a hard-fought, 4-hour war on Sunday. My phone can usually last up to 2 hours of streaming, so I planned on bringing a portable phone charger so I can watch the whole game while being out with family…

BUT I actually didn’t use the portable charger on Sunday…matter of fact, my phone didn’t even use half of the battery before this game was over. In the middle of the 2nd quarter, I comfortably turned off my phone and hung out with my family with a big smile…the score was 27-0 …Rams.

Steve Dykes/Getty Images North America

Still, I figure I’d rewatch the entire game again to write this post.

  • We Trifecta’d so hard today. Just like against the Eagles, we started off with a huge opening drive turnover from our defense. In the most Mob Squad way possible, the forced fumble came after a huge pass completion over the middle. After that, the Seahawks didn’t do anything on offense.
  • Our d-line always loves to feast on Russell Wilson, and Sunday was no different. Hell, the entire Mob Squad was brilliant on Sunday. The entire first half, the Seahawks didn’t even have an opportunity to get a field goal.
  • Pharoh Cooper has been spectacular returning this year and he might’ve won the game Sunday, (well at least played a role in our team victory). But field position is key on the road and he made another biggg return in the first quarter to put us at the one to give us a 13-0 lead early. Then made another big return in the 2nd quarter, which led to ANOTHER touchdown. Special teams wins championships.

Steve Dykes/Getty Images North America

  • Todd Gurley man…he’s been running hard all year, but he ran extra hard on Sunday. We needed a big time performance from somebody on offense, and Gurley stepped up like he has all year. 4 TD’s man?? We knew Gurley was talented, but knowing that he’s clutch and a player that we know will give 10000% on Sunday is the biggest trait of them all. So proud of my RB.
  • And the thing about Gurley, he’s hungry but he’s still patient. Still finding the time to cut back and shed tackles for extra yards. Something that seemed lost last season.
  • AND you gotta give props to our O-line. We all learned from last year, that all RB’s need their O-line and they were huge on Sunday. Before halftime, we had a 3rd and long and we were going to just run the clock out. Guess what? O-line blocked and Gurley did the rest to put us up 34-0 at HALF.
  • But of course I gotta nitpick. We gotta score TD’s. 3 is nice, but we need 7’s to compete in the playoffs, especially against teams like the Eagles.
  • Passing wise, we didn’t seem to get much separation downfield for Goff. Luckily Gurley saved us.
  • Cooper Kupp seemed to be haunted by his previous Seahawks matchup as he made another crucial drop on 3rd down in the redzone. This time it was very catchable, but Kupp looked like he was focusing more on the run after the catch to get the first down. But like I said, we need touchdowns in the playoffs. Although, Kupp did make up for this drop with a big catch and run to put us at the 1 for another TD.
  • OH yeah… I’m deeply upset that we didn’t wear all white on Sunday. The navy pants aren’t too bad, but the Seahawks wore their all navy uni’s. Whatever, I’m glad that I’m complaining about uniforms instead of our coach.
  • AND WELCOME BACK Robert Woods. Still our best and most consistent WR, made some big plays again on Sunday.

Otto Greule Jr/Getty Images North America

This is such a huge win in Seattle. I’m really proud after this one. We’ve won here before, but this time there was so much on the line and we nailed it this Sunday.

We’ve won this season as a team and I love it. When everyone is contributing and we get these trifecta’s, we’re tough to beat. We still gotta win the rest to win the West, well actually just one more game…that’s next Sunday against the Titans. Go RAMS!