Week 14: The Greatest Game since that one game where we tied the Niners

I’ve been waiting for this game for a LONG time. I had a huge presentation this week and shit… I was still thinking about today’s matchup. The Eagles are a top team in the NFL and we’re also a good team too! They score a lot, we score a lot. As mentioned before, we’re in the rougher part of our schedule and I LOVE it. I love that this team is getting tested. You’ll never grow playing against bootsy squads.

I was so juiced today, it felt like a playoff game (yeah I still remember). I was up in front of the screen like a little kid. And we got a great game today. It was a lot of fun. There’s soo much to go over.

Jeff Gross/Getty Images North America

  • Like before, I just didn’t wanna get embarrassed… that’s all. I wanted an honest effort that showed that we were heading in the right direction. At the beginning of the game, this wasn’t the case.
  • We were getting fucked by Carson Wentz. I don’t like to cuss on this blog, or in general, but my god we were getting fucked by Carson Wentz. We had 0 answers for him or the Eagles offense (well we did decent on Run defense).
  • I respected Wentz before, but like always, you gotta play against my teams to get my full respect. I really really respect Wentz now. He’s an amazing QB. First of all, he’s already ok as a pocket passer. Good, strong arm. Tall in the pocket. That’s great. But what sets him over the top is his ability to elude the pass rush. He’s really really really good at extending plays and throwing on the run, which makes it super hard for defensive coordinators to decide whether to blitz and have less people back in coverage, or just sit back and have Wentz spend all day in the pocket, which happened A LOT today and it was really hurting us.
  • As a result the Eagles had like 300 yards of offense in the first half along with 24 points.
  • For us, we had a tough time getting started in the first half, but we had some big time plays that led to 14 points at the end of the first half. This included an INT in the first quarter that led to a Gurley TD. And then the biggest of them all, was Cooper Kupp making a huge catch and run when we were down 7-21 with little momentum. He would then catch a huge TD with his fingertips to give us 14 points.
  • I think we all know this by now, but if you don’t, the McVay era Rams do not quit. With the ball back to start the 2nd half, down by 10 against a tough Eagles team, Goff and Gurley led an amazing drive for a TD. THEN, the defense stepped up and gifted us a 3 and out against Wentz. THEN we came up with a huge punt block for a TD to take the lead. The Trifecta. It’s beautiful.

Jeff Gross/Getty Images North America

  • But it’s the little things that kill us.
  • I don’t like blaming refs, but jesus christ dude. I’ll name a few that I believe I have a good case against. First was a pass interference call on Trumaine Johnson (I believe). IF the defender looks back at the ball when it’s in flight, he has every right to the football as the receiver and that’s what our defender did. Wentz underthrew the ball which led to Jeffery coming back for it and making contact (HE forced the contact), plus Tru was looking at the ball. Yet it was a pass interference on us.
  • Then there was this bullshit “unsportsmanlike penalty” given to Trumaine Johnson after he broke up a play which would’ve led to a FG attempt. This is a big game with a lot of emotions. EVEN if it wasn’t a big game and it was between some trash teams, this shouldn’t even be called! Players trash talk all the time. Tru didn’t even push him or punch him or snatch his chain or did anything to injure the Eagles WR, but he still got called??? I mean, what could he have possibly said??? Did he say biiiiiitch??? Instead, the chains moved and Wentz got a TD.
  • Then there was a weird “leverage” call on a FG. I think this is called when a defender LEAPS over a player like a leapfrog type thing, but I didn’t see that. If i understand you can still jump over offensive linemen??? I’m not sure but we lost a lot of time on that.
  • Of course there were some iffy holding calls that were missed that we can argue about, and maybe we’ll rewatch and find out if they really missed them. But whatever…
  • BUT the refs aren’t the reason we lost. Our inability to stop Wentz in the first half killed us. Our inability to SCORE on offense and GAIN momentum AFTER we finally stopped Wentz killed us even more. Our inability to not score on our final possession killed us.

Kevork Djansezian/Getty Images North America

  • Other notes. Uhh…I think Jared Goff was average today. We didn’t have Robert Woods again, which made things a lot easier for the Eagles defense who was clearly prepared for us today. Goff was getting pressured pretty bad and at one point had his helmet knocked off. There were some weird throws by Goff that should’ve got picked off including one in the endzone that was really awful.
  • Lastly, Goff had another late game opportunity today. Remember when I would nitpick Goff’s problems, one of them being that he seems to get too comfortable in the pocket (takes too much time), well guess what, he got strip sacked by Chris Long to end the game. You can argue that we lost our right tackle just before and that he didn’t take too long in the pocket, but Goff sometimes leaves that ball hanging out there ready to get stripped…AND it finally happened.
  • What else…uhh, Todd Gurley was fucking amazing today. He ran his ass off and made some big plays, definitely the co-MVP with our special teams.
  • We DID complete the trifecta today (offense, special teams, and defense) but we finally lost.
  • Our secondary is really thin, but damn they did make some big plays today and I thought we did a lot better in the 2nd half, but we gotta stop being good in the 2nd half and actually be good the entire game because giving up 24 points early is not going to help.

It was a solid effort from us and I’m proud, again. We have a lot of holes in our team that need to be patched up, but as for right now, I still believe we are competitive and can compete in the playoffs.

Good game Philly bruhs, I’m actually going to watch the Sixers game after I post this. I really hope Wentz is ok. Yeah the seahawks lost today too (“you telllll meee”). Off to Seattle next week for another crazy game. I’m just glad that Rams football matters in December.


Week 13: Winning Season Achieved

The Rams finally clinched a winning season.

This is a big deal, but there’s no time to think about it. We gotta start thinking about getting a spot in the playoffs. The NFC is ridiculous this season with the Seahawks breathing down our necks and the Wild card spots aren’t too far off from us either. I don’t think we’ll get a top 2 seed especially losing to the Vikings a couple weeks back.

This week I expected the Rams to beat down this Cardinals squad like we did in London weeks ago. We kinda did?

Norm Hall/Getty Images North America

  • Guys… it’s close to finals week for me. I missed the first 3 quarters as a result of some schoolwork that needed to be done. But I trusted that my Rams would win.
  • I was checking twitter for updates and we seemed ok after a quick 16-0 lead.
  • I didn’t like the Cardinals coming back. I didn’t like seeing “Three-and-out” for the Rams, that’s some old 7-9 Fisher bullshit that is unacceptable with our new offense. I didn’t like our rush defense getting pounded. It’s been a legitimate concern this season.
  • It seems like we did complete the trifecta again. Defense got some turnovers and a pick 6 from Alec Ogletree (but i heard he got hurt which is a HUGE blow). Of course, Legatron got it done again, he’s really becoming the MVP this season (hit a 56 yarder today, insane). Then we got a FG block and a big punt from Hekker. I read we had some big returns from Pharoh Cooper again. Special teams has been amazing this year.
  • It sounds like Jared Goff did well. He did have an INT but it’s another one that’s not really his fault.
  • Todd Gurley getting it done receiving is always great news.

Norm Hall/Getty Images North America

I can’t miss next week’s game. This battle against the Eagles is a true measuring stick of our success this season. I love Philadelphia and their fans, and I know they will be in LA, but my Rams gotta win man. At least put up a good effort like the Redskins game.

Again, sorry this post was sloppy, but I gotta finish this school stuff. Go Rams !


You may notice that I am a day late writing this. It’s because I WENT TO THE GAME.

I’m still running off the high from the win so this post might be all over the place.

It was my 2nd time at the Coliseum and this one was a breeze compared to the craziness of the home opener against Seattle last season.

  • The crowd was about 65-70% Rams; there was a healthy amount of Saints fans and luckily I didn’t sit near a pack of them. I did get to enjoy high fiving some fellow Rams fans yesterday, as someone who is used to being the odd man out living in the Bay Area, thanks. The Rams fans were loud and proud, which was great. We only got one timeout from Brees, but we still did our job.
  • I was lucky to find some good parking for $20 just outside the USC campus (on Jefferson). The walk wasn’t too bad considering I’ve walked form BART to Oracle a handful of times.
  • It didn’t take me all halftime + 3rd quarter to get water.
  • My seats were incredible. I only sat at this angle (along the endzone) once before and that was at Candlestick. Torry Holt caught a TD pass in front of me that I will never forget. That view is honestly the best way to see all the action. Although, it does get hard to see when the play is on the opposite end of the field, but that’s what you get with any football/soccer game.

But of course, let’s talk about the win:

  • The Saints didn’t have their the top cornerbacks in this game I believe, but we didn’t have our #1 WR Robert Woods yesterday. I was kinda scared about how our WRs would do, you saw my thoughts last week. I’m glad to say that our WRs stepped da fugggg up yesterday. It was incredible.
  • Cooper Kupp redeemed himself after last week’s performance. He responded with his first 100 yard game ! We saw the Coop we knew yesterday. Plenty of big catches including a crazy tip toe catch along the sideline that drove me absolutely insane (I thought it was a dead play). Then he had the fade for a huge gain. It was fun rooting for Cooooooop and it will always remind me of Isaac Bruuuuuuuce. Btw Marshall Faulk was at the game.
  • Sammy Watkins was incredible too. Had the TD to start the game and many other crazy catches including a deep ball that I’ll talk about later. Tyler Higbee looked like Gronkowski on one catch and run.
  • Even with all those performances, I have to really highlight Josh Reynolds who got more time with Woods out, and man he stepped up. I liked him in the preseason and to see him get minutes was great. He had a TD catch and looked very reliable. I hope he gets more snaps.
  • Jared Goff man. He knew I was there silently repping the Bay in LA like he does. Yesterday, he looked like he always does, a leader and an awesome QB. Watching him live and from my angle, it’s pretty damn crazy how he runs the offense. I’ve played Madden all the time as a kid and I was having trouble trying to find the right receiver, but Goff was picking the defense apart.
  • I’m pleased with his accuracy today, including one hell of a pass to Watkins deep. That Watkins/Goff chemistry is key. And of course, I have to complain about small things, that’s what I do every week. Goff still has some slight issues with accuracy on a couple plays where he overthrows receivers. I don’t think he realizes Kupp isn’t that tall and doesn’t have long arms. I’ve been talking about how Goff gets too comfortable in the pocket and how it might be an issue if he gets sacked, well he did get sacked pretty hard yesterday and for some reason he held the ball and didn’t fumble.

  • Mob Squad came thru today stopping Drew Brees.
  • There was one lapse early where we allowed a huge run for a TD. Then there’s still some tackling/effort issues during plays that still don’t make sense. Then there’s still some Gregg Williams effects (penalties for being over aggressive). Then there were dropped easy INT’s. Then that last TD drive by the Saints at the end of the game that was kinda wack (it was too easy). But other than that the defense did their job today.
  • Run game was mostly contained and the pass defense was really really good. As long as we continuing being Mob Squad-ish, making the other team grind and earn their points, we’ll be ok.

  • Then to complete the Trifecta. The Special Teams crew got it done again. Legatron …come on bruh…he’s money like always. He did mess up his FG% with a 60+ yard miss before half, but he was perfect today, making 50 yarders easy money like always.
  • But can we talk about Pharoh Cooper? He’s killing it returning balls this season and yesterday was no exception. Remember when we had Dante Hall? Pretty random lol

I’m glad I got to watch and support this win. I was jumping out of my seat a bunch of times cheering on plays, it was pretty damn crazy considering how awful this team has been for SOOO long. I’m still getting used to the McVay era. All I could do was smile. I’m just enjoying it all.

Week 11: Teacher vs. Student

Case Keenum and Jared Goff.

Two escapees from the dreaded Fisher era. How they survived? I will never know. But here they are…both 7-2 and playing outstanding football for their teams. It’s amazing what can happen when you give QB’s a solid offensive line and an offensive system to thrive in.

Today was a big day for Rams football. It was the start of our “tough” schedule. Finally, a true test of what this team is all about. Let’s face the truth, we’ve been playing some bad teams and we’ve been dominating them…as we should. As much as I love beating down teams and getting trifectas, games like today are more valuable to our team. You learn more about what makes us great and also…what we still need to be great.

Adam Bettcher/Getty Images North America

  • AND we started off sooo good. Jared Goff and McVay were ripping through this elite Vikings defense. It wasn’t a complete tear down, but Goff was slicing through the defense with some tough passes and even extending plays with his legs as well. We started off with a brilliant opening drive for a TD.
  • But it’s the little things that matter in NFL games. The few plays that determine a game. We got stuck back at our 1 yard line and Hekker had a short punt along with a special teams penalty that gave the Vikings outstanding position (I think the Vikings only needed 30 ish yards??). Vikings would get 7 to tie it up.
  • The biggest play today was Cooper Kupp‘s fumble at the 1 yard line. An absolute killer. We were on another great drive by our offense, and Kupp had the ball knocked out from behind. We never recovered offensively since.

Hannah Foslien/Getty Images North America

  • Defense will always win, in any sport. Vikings D dominated besides those two drives. So they won. All the Vikings had to do was score more than 7 points to win this game.
  • Gurley had no answer. Goff constantly dealt with a collapsing offensive line on every play. With no run game and no reliable WR’s besides Robert Woods, it was gonna be a long day.
  • On the other side our defense was pretty bad. They kept us in for the most part (definitely helped that the Vikings kicker sucks), but ultimately collapsed when the Vikings exploited our thin secondary depth. Our backup DB Hatfield getting burnt for a long TD would essentially end the game. We had 0 takeaways today too, a key component towards our recent success.
  • And yeah it was Case Keenum, and yeah he did look magnificent. There were plays where Case had to use his legs (dodged Robert Quinn and Connor Barwin in one play), but for the most part, Case was sitting comfortably in the pocket. There was even one play where Case was chillin in the pocket for hours, it was pretty sad considering you have guys like Aaron Donald.

Adam Bettcher/Getty Images North America

  • Other notes: I thought Jared Goff did pretty well. Going against this defense that constantly swarmed him and against a really really really loud Minnesota crowd (few timeouts and yelling by Goff today), he remained composed and executed some pretty good drives. That was one of the things we already knew about Jared, but I’m not gonna forget how he handled today. I’m pretty proud. Things would’ve been a lot better if we took better care of the ball and actually caught it.
  • Sooo yeah, Cooper Kupp. His hands have been talked about. The Seahawks game, I kinda put that on both Jared and Kupp, as Jared seemed to overthrow it by a little (one of Goff’s issues). He had other drops too. Today man….like I said, it’s the little things…the one or two plays. It just so happens that Kupp was responsible for two of them today. That fumble…that’s not supposed to happen. NFL receivers get hit from behind all the time down there, you gotta protect it with two arms. Then the drop on a deep ball from Goff while the game was still winnable. Killer man…
  • Besides Woods, I’ve questioned our WRs. I’m not overreacting either. It’s still an issue. I mean, is Tavon Austin injured?? Did he even play today? Higbee isn’t as consistent. Watkins , you never know. Now, we know about Kupp’s unreliability. Huge hole for us.

We can be great. If you want me to pinpoint the key areas, I think our offensive line and defense is what matters. When our O-line dominates, Gurley gets going and then Goff gets going, it doesn’t matter who are our WRs if we have a good O-line. Defensively, if we can’t get pressure or make stops up front, then it doesn’t matter who’s the opposing QB or RB, they’re gonna dominate. Let’s hope we bounce back next week. I might try to go to the game next week??? We’ll see.

Week 10: Goff for MVP?

The Los Angeles Rams will win the Super Bowl in 2020.

Well, I kinda believe…wow…I believe that?? Not just playoffs anymore?? The actual Super Bowl??!!

It was pretty crazy that somebody from Sports Illustrated predicted the Astros would win this year’s World Series years ago. So is it crazy to start predicting a Rams Super Bowl victory now??

Anyway, I just wanted to tie the Dodgers/Astros World Series to this week’s LA vs. Houston NFL game. Dodgers lost the World Series of course, so I was elated (you remember that I’m a Giants fan?). However, I’m scared the Rams may have contracted the Dodgers’ infamous playoff-choking disease. Yeahh, I’m getting wayyyy too far ahead of myself.

I’m writing this on Tuesday because I missed this game on Sunday. I was busy with schoolwork, plus I had tickets to the USWNT vs Canada game at San Jose (we won, I had fun). I didn’t care about missing this Texans/Rams game…well I did…but not really….because I knew we were going to win.

Yeah, Deshaun Watson (prolly rookie of the year before the injury) was out, but I’m starting to believe in our squad so I predicted a W either way (It’s the McVay era baby).

Today I rewatched the game (thanks to Reddit). There’s still a lot to learn about our team, so I had to watch the game.

Sean M. Haffey/Getty Images North America

  • This game made me appreciate what we have. First, Jared Goff. I’m thankful that he is healthy. The Texans had a spark with Watson playing superb, and as you can see now, they’re not as great. Houston’s new QB was Tom Savage and it probably cost them the game. Savage started the game with a sack fumble caused by Aaron Donald (can you blame Tom really?), but he compounded his troubles with two interceptions in the red zoneee…the absolute worst place to throw a pick.
  • Meanwhile, Goff continued to do what he does best: Run the offense and make the right plays. If the deep ball was there, like the bomb to Robert Woods, he took it. If he had to check it down and hit a 5 yard out route or slant, he did it. He moved the chains and didn’t turn the ball over. That’s part of the reason why we’ve been winning. Is Goff for MVP something we gotta look at??
  • Then the Texans kicker…I forgot his name, but he missed some easy FG’s this game. That made me appreciate Greg Zuerlein, who’s been fantastic this season. I’ve been showing love to the special teams this year, but I gotta give more respect to Legatron.

Harry How/Getty Images North America

  • If you add up all these parts on our team contributing, you get a blowout and an easy W.
  • And yeah we did the Trifecta again this game. Offense, defense, and special teams came through.
  • Other notes, Robert Woods is that dude. Continues to be Goff’s #1 WR.
  • The turnovers our defense came up with were excellent.
  • McVay continues to be great with some of his playcalling. Two very good screen plays, one to Gurley and another with Andrew Whitworth going 20 yards downfield to block for Sammy Watkins. Although, I’m still confused about the punt fake pass McVay called up.

Sean M. Haffey/Getty Images North America

With the game against the Vikings next week, we begin a very tough part of our schedule. I truly believe this is when we’ll see what this team is really about. Til then, go Rams!


Week 9: And of course…

I’m just as confused as you are. You’re telling me that at week 9 of the regular season… the Rams are in the playoff picture??? I’m still getting used to the McVay era..

It’s been a while since the Rams have been relevant in November. The idea of the playoffs is so weird to me, but lately I’ve started thinking of the possibility of the Rams being in the playoffs. I even started thinking about playoff tickets !

But we’re still not in the playoffs. We’re still behind the Seahawks for first place in the NFC West (which was our fault btw), but we’re sitting at an impressive 5-2 record. If all goes correctly, then we should have a pretty good chance at the playoffs. We just need to execute.

So yeah…it’s no time to cruise, we gotta keep the momentum rolling after the bye week.

Al Bello/Getty Images North America

  • …and of course, we kept the momentum rolling. Business as usual for the McVay era Rams.
  • Defense made some big plays to get the engine running. First, we got an Aaron Donald sack and forced fumble. Of course, you need to convert those into points, so we put up 7 off that turnover. Then, we got an Alec Ogletree strip and recovery (Alec showing that contract money). We got another 7 off of that. Then we had a Trumaine Johnson INT, which we got 3 off of. Great thing is that all of those plays were made by the players themselves. Just Mob Squad things…
  • And OF COURSE, the offense was rolling…what did you expect?? It’s the McVay era baby.

Al Bello/Getty Images North America

  • Jared Goff, slangin it. Rain? No problem. First half he was on fire. Making the right play, being a playmaker, etc. Yeah he had some slight accuracy issues, overthrowing a couple passes leading to drops, but besides that he was perfect.
  • Robert Woods, cmon dude…a touchdown on a WR screen on 3rd and 33???!! What is this? Woods has been our best WR this year and this play showed why.
  • And yes…yes…Sammy Watkins and Goff finally connected on a deep ball! In stride! Perfect pass and perfect catch off a play action. This is huge for the offense if we can get that deep ball going.
  • Our TE’s: Tyler Higbee and Gerald Everett had some big plays as well.
  • And of course, Todd Gurley doing Gurley things.
  • Later in the game, I was wondering if the special teams was gonna do something to complete the trifecta. They were kinda quiet. And what do you know…we blocked a punt!

Al Bello/Getty Images North America

A perfect game from your Rams. Offense, defense, special teams…it was a complete domination. The playoff hunt continues. Looking ahead to next week, we got lucky with Deshaun Watson being out, so we need to get that W.

Go Rams!


Yup…today rules.

We got the first 10 AM game of the year (I love morning games). We look GREAT. And I’m writing this at halfime….(we’re up 23-0 at halftime against our NFC West rivals: the Cardinals).

I apologize for the people of London, who probably wanted to see a competitive game of football. It’s not our fault that we’re too good! But at least we showed them what a top NFL team looks like.

Alan Crowhurst/Getty Images Europe

  • The question remains if Sean McVay can pull off NFC West victories like Jeff Fisher famously did. The Seahawks game didn’t go too well. But he’s doing it now against the Cardinals. McVay had a short week to get this team prepared before heading off to London. Looking at our performance so far, McVay did an amazing job. It’s really a new era of Rams football. It’s funny cuz I previously stated that I wanted a coach like Bruce Arians, and we got a better coach in Sean McVay.
  • Our defense came out firing on the first snap. We’ve been having issues with waking up on defense. Today we shut down Adrian Peterson asap…I was scared of AD coming in hot against us, but we shut him down. Early penetration and good tackling reminded me of the good ol Mob Squad days.
  • The defensive pressure was outstanding today. On one play, Robert Quinn and Aaron Donald broke thru their blockers early and got a deep sack to force the Cardinals out of field goal range. Then we got pressure again to get an easy INT from Barron (don’t know what Carson Palmer was thinking throwing into double coverage, but ok), which would translate to a touchdown. This is what good teams do.

Alan Crowhurst/Getty Images Europe

  • Offensively we’ve been superb as well.
  • Todd Gurley continues his amazing comeback season. He’s continuing to run well and make some big plays as a receiver. His rush TD reminded us why we picked him in the draft. The vision to bounce back outside, stiff arm a defender, and beat the defenders to the pylon. I’ll also add that Gurley broke a tackle at the line of scrimmage, something he didn’t do at all last season. What a year so far.
  • Jared Goff ran an option for his first rush TD…yup. Passing wise, he’s still doing an amazing job running the offense. I think he does have an issue with taking too long in the pocket. He gets away with it because we’ve been blocking well, but a lot of times Goff is gonna get sacked and he’ll fumble cuz he stands like a scarecrow with the ball unprotected, begging to get knocked loose. His accuracy is off some times, missing Kupp; and he’ll make some weird decisions (like throwing into coverage). But overall, another good day from our QB.
  • Robert Woods is still that guy. Cooper Kupp dropped a couple balls but his hands and playmaking ability continue to be great. Sammy Watkins still cannot connect with Goff deep. Tyler Higbee‘s getting more involved it seems.
  • Don’t forget special teams. Legatron went 4/4 and hit a clutch buzzer beating 53 yard field goal to close the first half.

We have so much talent on all sides of the game, when we’re all on the same page, we’re unbeatable. I’ll keep that in mind…

Alan Crowhurst/Getty Images Europe

Our NFC West leading Rams are now 5-2. First time since 2003. It’s been a while man…I still kinda remember that squad. GO RAMS!